Long term Rentals

The slow and steady method - and a great way to build your net worth.  For lasting wealth, the idea is to try and buy a property every 1 to 2 years.  Do this for 10 years and you will have an investment portfolio that can provide cash flow for years.  Eventually your mortgages will be paid by the renter, or you could sell one maybe 2 properties and pay off all the mortgages.  It’s a great way to be mortgage free, and you can build your wealth and property portfolio as big as you want.

However, even long-term rentals can have their risks.  Damage to the property, turn over in renters or renters paying too little because they do not want to move.  Maybe they stop paying all together.
The thing is the more properties you own the less risk you take, and the more money you make the higher your net worth will grow.  Use a property manager, consider out of province purchases for investing and diversify your real estate portfolio.