About Rob Townsley and Oriana Financial

About Rob Townsley

Providing you with peace of mind.

I provide independent financial advice to ensure that every financial plan I prepare for a client is based on unbiased research.

I value a client's trust above everything else and once a client makes a decision to work with me, I continually work hard to deserve their trust.

My primary goal is to ensure that all key aspects of each client's financial plan are addressed in a manner consistent with professional financial planning practices.

About Oriana Financial

Working For You

Rob Townsley understands the needs of clients and the complexities involved in obtaining and communicating their financing requirements.

Representing You

As an expert in the industry, Rob Townsley conducts business with a variety of lenders compared to traditional institutions concerned in selling only “their” product.

Utilizing Their Independence

Rob has access to a wide range of financial services and products to ensure financing requirements are met.

Understands the Marketplace

Rob Townsley will shop for the best deal, without the inconvenience of setting up appointments and the subsequent credit inquiries.

Maintaining a Professional Standard

Rob Townslye is required to be registered with the Ministry of Finance and complete the required educational programs ongoing.

Upholding Strict Confidentially

Integrity that you can trust. Providing you with peace of mind. Working with you, “Working for you”.